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March 2019

Sangha: Lightworkers and Empaths
March 6, 2019

6-7 PM

Sangha is the Sanksrit word for "Community."

This group invites lightworkers and empaths to connect with like-minded people. We will share our experiences, exchange healing through meditation, energy work, and conversation. We are called to do Spirit's work and collectively raise the vibration. Be the change!

$10.00 donation requested.
For 2019, all donations will go to Mockingbird Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Discussion will be led by Paula Morisey.

Call or text 585-975-9334 to reserve your spot!

Contact: Paula Morisey

Rochester, NY 


The State of New York requires us to state that all psychic services are for entertainment purposes only. So we said it.


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