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A moment between mothers......Love is Powerful!

January 20, 2019


As I woke up, I heard the words; ‘Angels at work’. I thought maybe this was the name of a class that I was supposed to teach. I went to the computer and googled ‘Angeles at work’ with the intent to find a cool image for the class. Instead I found a business that was a few towns over from mine. As I looked through the website, I noticed there was a free meditation/message channeling on Tuesday nights. Guess what day it was?

Yup! It was Tuesday.

I checked my calendar and off course I had the evening open.

I made my way to the event and took my seat toward the middle of the group. It was a good turn out of probably 25 people. I thought to myself, “OK spirit, I am here. Tell me what you want me to know?”

After a brief introduction from our host, and few channeled messages we went into the guided meditation. When the meditation was over, she started channeling again. As she was delivering her fourth message to someone else, I was beginning to think I was just there for the meditation. Then she looked directly at me and said I’m seeing a small child. He said, “I had to go.”  Do you understand that? Yes, I replied. Then she said spirit is showing me trees filled with birds and birds coming to your window. Does that make sense to you?

She continued to explain that these birds are messengers from spirit. They are there guiding, protecting and answering questions. The cardinal is the little boy who had to go.

Message received!

As I drove home that night, I thought about all the birds that come to the roof line by my office window, and the coopers hawk in the tree in front, the red tail hawk that landed on my front porch. (much to the terror of my two cats) Suddenly a bird encounter that happened a few months prior came into my awareness.

I was mowing my neighbor’s lawn while listening to music when I felt the need to slow down. I honored the message and as I slowed, I looked over the front of the mower and saw a tiny little bird directly in the path of the mower. I came to a stop and got off the mower. This little one had a full set of feathers with just a few light fluffy feathers around the neck. I shooed the little bird to the part of the yard I had already mowed in hopes of getting him out of the way so I could finish the yard. As soon as I went back to mowing, I saw that he was attempting to fly and moving all about the yard. I stopped the mower once again and got a shoe box to safely capture and hold him in until I finished mowing.

As soon as I captured him, I immediately was a fly by victim of the bird’s parents. I noticed the female first and as I was telling her that her child was safe, I saw the male on the fence. They were a cardinal couple wanting their child back!

Once the mowing was complete, I went back to the area where I found the young bird. Both parents were on the fence now chirping as I approached with the box. The little bird was responding to the parents and fluttering away inside the box. I let the little bird out and guided him to the tall grass behind a fenced garden. He fit nicely under the gap in the fencing.

 All the while the parents would take turns flying over us and franticly chirping. I felt that the little one would be okay, and it would be just a few days and he would be a masterful flyer!

The next morning, I was woken not by my alarm but by a bird chirping in the tree outside my window. It was quite loud, and persistent. I looked out the window in hopes of seeing what type of bird was singing such a beautiful song. With little trouble I spotted the female cardinal facing my window, singing her song. I felt her gratitude and thanks for keeping her child safe. I knew her child was ok. I accepted her thank you and she flew away.

A moment between mothers I thought to myself. Next week my little bird was leaving the nest to start her freshman year of college. My daily prayer for her is to always feel her angels near.  And if she should need help, I pray that a kind, loving, compassionate person would appear in her path.

Love is powerful!

No matter human or bird.

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