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An Illuminating Experience in the Akashic Records

November 26, 2018



As some of you may already know, an Akashic Record reading is an examination of your soul's past (or even future) lifetimes, as well as lessons integrated from those lifetimes and insights that can help you navigate the present one. In the Records, you are able to communicate with other souls, if both consent to this communication taking place and if it is relevant to your own Records. When I was practicing readings inside my own Akashic Records, I asked two questions. The first question was, show me a past life where I had to draw on courage. The second was, let me have a conversation with a historic person who demonstrated great courage.


What happened next blew me away!


As the words crossed my lips,  I saw the image of myself on a hilltop with lush green fields as far as the eye could see. I was on a white and gray horse with my sword thrust forward to signal the attack. On both sides of me, stretching down the hillside, were 75 to 100 people on horses. Our advisories had stopped at the base of the hillside directly across from us. Because there were two hills converging on the valley, they were in a tight configuration. They were a group of 50 or more. As the sun shone on the event about to unfold, there were reflections of light from their armor.


They were warriors!


We were not!


The line on the top of the hillside was made up of women, children and anyone from the surrounding villages who had a horse to bring to the party! We even had rider-less horses in the line. We were spread down the hillside to create the appearance of a strong presence, great strength, massive fighting power! We were defending our homes.


By design, we made our move first. With a great battle cry, swords and sticks drawn, we came down the hillside as a force to be reckoned with.


Seeing our line coming towards them and seeing they were clearly outnumbered by the first line on attack, the group of warriors retreated. There was not a single life taken on either side.


From there, I moved to my second request of a conversation with a historic person who demonstrated courage. Standing before me was Harriet Tubman. The energy from her was great peace, confidence, and faith. A sense of being guided by the Divine Light. Her message was that there are no limitations. Move forward with your work knowing that God will provide. There are angels and guides standing with me assisting me on my journey.


Harriet was brought into my awareness several months ago. In meditation, I saw her standing before me. She has such a quiet strength filled with immeasurable grace. I didn’t take much time with her. Then a couple months later, I was traveling on the New York State Thruway and was passing Auburn, NY. I saw a sign that the next exit was the way to Harriet Tubman’s house. As I read that sign, I heard the words, "You need to come and see me." I had not yet made the trip to Auburn, so that is why she showed up in my Akashic Records.


Both messages resonated with me in such a profound way. The messages were not new, but rather a continuation of awareness that was brought to me over the past few months.


From the battle, I was reminded that not knowing how something will turn out should not stop you from putting yourself out there. You prepare the best you can, through book knowledge, life experience and conversations with friends, then take a step forward. Once you take that step, have faith that you have the wisdom to respond to what happens next.


From Harriet, the message was to put myself out there knowing that the light and the love of the Divine is in my work as long as I stay connected to it. We have choices we make every day. Some are minute, and others change our trajectory. I will choose the path that keeps me aligned with the light!


If you are interested in an Akashic reading, call 585-975-9334 or message me for an appointment.




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