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Messages from the Divine

September 17, 2018


I awoke on this beautiful fall day with the intention of writing down my thoughts around the meditations I experienced while the Lion's Gate Portal (on August 8) was open.


Instead, I’m writing about messages from the universe that are delivered by spirit through angels and animals. A reminder of how subtly things are brought into my awareness. How there are no accidents, just Divine support.


This Sunday morning unfolded as most mornings do. The first thing is walking the dogs. This morning, there was a twist. My smaller dog was running in the backyard for her pre-walk pee and came in the house limping. I did Reiki on her front paw and felt that it was a muscle strain or pull. She would have to sit this one out. My greyhound was going to have some quality one on one time with Mom. We got Abby comfortable on her bed with a biscuit, and Chloe and I slipped out the front door.


We were just two houses beyond ours when we paused for a prolonged sniffing investigation. There were three piles of tree branches that had been trimmed the day before - lots of good smells and doggie messages. As I looked up, I saw a beautiful doe munching on the leaves. She was probably fifteen feet away. I knew she grew up in my neighborhood and recognized Chloe and me.  I always send her love and light, and I ask her to come toward me. I talk with her through a few spoken words but mostly through images of her standing beside me.


As I stood with my greyhound beside me, she would grab a mouthful of leaves and watch us as she thoroughly chewed. There was no threat of us being so close. She would frequently look away from us, grab another bunch of leaves, and glance our way. We crossed the street and stopped at the next mailbox for an intense sniff. I turned to watch her cross the street behind us and walk on the sidewalk towards us. As she continued toward us, a car was heading our way. She was cautious of the car and moved to the backyard to watch. The driver stopped and said, “That’s amazing! I thought she was going to walk right up to you!”


As we continued our walk, I reflected on spirit messages from deer energy. The doe represented sensitivity, intuitive connection, and moving through life’s obstacles with grace.  I gave thanks for her presence and the affirmation she brought. I also acknowledged that she had received the images that I was sending her.


Then I remembered that the messages started the previous day and were coming together through the deer experience. The day prior, I was doing yard work and I saw an abundance of feathers. Whenever I talk with the angels, I ask them to show me little wispy feathers to make their presence known. It seemed wherever I went around my yard or walking the dogs, there were beautiful angels present. They were there to remind me of their grace. 


I reflected on how my morning started before I even got out of bed. I woke up at 5:11, rolled over and woke up again at 6:00. Both numbers provide clear direction from the angels, my marching orders for the day.


511 means there are karmic life changes and your angels will be around to guide you through the change. Remain positive, for your soul is prompting you. 600 means that the angels are working toward a steady flow of abundance. Expect blessings to enter your life. Know that you are well supported, loved and protected. Accept the benevolence of the universe energies! (Angels frequently speak through feathers and numbers. To interpret number meanings, I always rely on Joanne Sacred Scribes. A shout out to her blog and beautiful work in sharing angel messages!)


The messages from the angels and deer were very timely and relevant to the events going on in my life. A strong reminder to me to stay positive and grateful. Thoughts become things, ALWAYS! The universe speaks to us in a resoundingly clear voice.


Are you receiving your messages?


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