January 20, 2019

As I woke up, I heard the words; ‘Angels at work’. I thought maybe this was the name of a class that I was supposed to teach. I went to the computer and googled ‘Angeles at work’ with the intent to find a cool image for the class. Instead I found a business that was a few towns over from mine. As I looked through the website, I noticed there was a free meditation/message channeling on Tuesday nights. Guess what day it was?


November 26, 2018

As some of you may already know, an Akashic Record reading is an examination of your soul's past (or even future) lifetimes, as well as lessons integrated from those lifetimes and insights that can help you navigate the present one. In the Records, you are able to communicate with other souls, if both consent to this communication taking place and if it is relevant to your own Records. When I was practicing readings inside my...

September 17, 2018

I awoke on this beautiful fall day with the intention of writing down my thoughts around the meditations I experienced while the Lion's Gate Portal (on August 8) was open.

Instead, I’m writing about messages from the universe that are delivered by spirit through angels and animals. A reminder of how subtly things are brought into my awareness. How there are no accidents, just Divine support.

This Sunday morning unfolded as most...

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Contact: Paula Morisey

Rochester, NY 


The State of New York requires us to state that all psychic services are for entertainment purposes only. So we said it.


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