Ethereal Connection opened in July 2018. Paula Morisey is a holistic wellness practitioner.  Her services include: Chakra Alignment, Reiki, Animal Communication, Akashic Record Readings, and Soul Coaching.

I believe in healing at the energetic level, which often encompasses healing at the physical level. Our goal is to help you raise your vibration and get in touch with your Higher Self. If you are interested in developing your spiritual gifts, we offer a unique variety of classes to help you strengthen your intuition.

If you want to learn more about energy healing modalities, please visit our blog. To learn more about Paula, click here.

Please call 585-975-9334 or e-mail us to schedule an appointment prior to visiting. 

Contact: Paula Morisey

Rochester, NY 


The State of New York requires us to state that all psychic services are for entertainment purposes only. So we said it.


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